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Big Change  


Structure and Pricing

Session Plan
  • Can be held in person or online
  • 21 sessions tailored to your unique life experience
  • Free consultation to build your process
  • The entire process is held within a 3 month period for rapid and lasting change
  • 21 prepaid sessions:  $1888
  • Payment plans available

The Deep Healing/big change Process

 Self-improvement and healing is a broad and personal journey, and when making the decision to move forward on this path, it's essential to consider your specific goals and areas you want to develop.  Key to being successful on this journey is building new skills, attaining discipline and focus, and trusting the process.  ​This program was developed to give you a personalized plan and the tools required to get you to your goals, achieve success and manifest your dreams, with the support and knowledge you need to get there.​ Overcoming self imposed limitations, healing old wounds and moving forward to create the life you want, involves adopting practices and lifestyle choices that support your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.  Each step of this process is fully supported by me, with in person sessions, included in your personalized plan.​ I've spent 2 decades in spiritual study on Esoteric Buddhism, healing modalities, mysticism and numerous forms of meditation techniques.  As spiritual healing is individual and unique to each person, an equally unique plan that is tailor made for you and your needs is essential in achieving success in this process. ​Sessions are available in person at my location in Calgary, also through phone or zoom.  Please find the numerous modalities and techniques I use to guide you to your goals below.​

Mindfulness and Meditation:

Meditation is the basis of all spiritual and self healing work. These practices can help you stay present, reduce stress, and manage overwhelming emotions, as well as, give you the opportunity to purposefully and meaningfully shift attention and energy in the direction needed to achieve your desired outcome.  Meditation comes in many forms and a specific meditation will be provided, produced and given to you to assist in your healing process.  This will include a one of a kind guided meditation written and recorded for you, addressing your individual needs, as opposed to a hit or miss approach of general meditations that are often offered online. While these definitely have a place and are useful in general, nothing compares to supporting material created specifically for you.

21 masks of the Ego: ​​​​

All of the filters and trauma we have endured in life can be traced back to the early, informative years of our childhood.  Laying hidden within the subconscious, these self destructive and prohibitive tendencies emerge when we encounter certain situations that trigger these concealed emotions, bringing them to the forefront.  These masked learned traits can range from the mundane to the devastating, from procrastination to destructive and self deprecating behaviour, bleeding joy from your life and preventing you from living a life of happiness and ease.  An exploration and a working through of these life events is provided, along with appropriate energetic support with energy healing to ensure dismantled patterns remain released. ​​​

Ati Yoga:

Ati Yoga:  The practice of siddhi within Ati Yoga is essential in elevating ourselves and finding release from lower emotions held within the body.  A siddhi is provided to support the healing process.  Working with your siddhi takes just a few moments a day..

Energy Healing:

Energetic healing is used to release energy that is frozen within the cells of the body, held and destined to repeat their patterns within your life.  Releasing this emotional energy releases you from the fate of feel, react, repeat - a grim cycle of repeated patterns that you are a slave to.  ​

Cleansing and rebalancing:

Celtic Shamanism is a birthright, and it's mystical nature with it's many tools and practices are shared within these sessions.  This can include oomancy, candle work, Shamanic cleansing with shaker and drum and the burning of herbs.

The Gods:

Channeled messages from Ascended Masters.  I also work closely with The Morrigan of the Celtic pantheon and she brings rapid and dramatic change.  My deepest devotion is with Kali MA and Shakti.  Shiva, Laksmi, Hanuman and Ganesh are also a part of my practices and their knowledge and healing come through in sessions also.


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